9 Keys to Success for any Organization

    • A Solid Plan
      Outline the organizational purpose in a business plan linked to a detailed budget of income and expenses and cash requirements.
    • Goals
      Guided by the plan, identify what needs to happen and by when. Track results by month/week/day.
    • Expertise
      Hire employees who are competent and engaged. No one coasts on the work of others.
    • Decisions
      Verify everyone knows the decisions and actions for which he or she is responsible.
    • Enthusiasm
      Develop ability and tools to “tell and sell your story.”
    • Customer Experience
      Keep current on knowledge of your customer’s / client’s experience.
    • Credible Projections
      Establish realistic sales / income / program projections in order to establish solid budgets, personnel, inventory, or cash requirements.
    • Truth Telling
      Evaluate program goals or sales targets as compared to actual results on a routine schedule.
    • Celebrations and Corrections
      Celebrate goals achieved; goals missed are immediate fuel for corrective action.
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