Exempt – Minimum Salary

Background to this topic is that when an employment requirement differs between State and Federal regulations, the law or regulation that is most favorable to the employee is enforced. Currently the minimum salary to qualify for the exemption from overtime pay under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) is in limbo due to a court injunction. […]

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Rumors / Gossip and the Power of Timely Updates

Several years ago, I was a working with a cross community project where each community had unique as well as collaborative goals across the project. I noticed how much time and effort was being siphoned off in misinformation and minor concerns by staff and volunteers feeling left out of the loop. Because each community held […]

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Discussions with Employees Described as Difficult

When I speak with a manager who is seeking advice about an employee and the word ‘difficult’ is used, I often hear a version of the following report: I have spoken with Jim about the late reports on several occasions and he listens and seems to agree to my request. He is pleasant and seems […]

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Is an Unpleasant Work Environment, also a Hostile One?

When people behave in the workplace in ways that may be labeled by others as obnoxious, rude, insulting, or disrespectful, it may or may not constitute a hostile work environment. For example, a boss may use jokes in a way that their subordinates find insulting and disrespectful. However, it would not constitute an illegal hostile […]

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Unpaid Personal Leaves – Are They Required?

Maria is your employee and she has no vacation hours accrued, however, just received an offer for an all expenses paid two month vacation and asks for the time off unpaid. Are you, as the employer, required to provide the leave? The answer is: NO. If the employee decides to take the vacation without receiving […]

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Annual Employee Performance Reviews – Let’s Re-Think

With the beginning of a new year, the annual performance review activity that appears on the manager’s calendar may elicit a response from the manager that the time they put into this process (or the time avoiding it!) doesn’t return much value. Summary: In re-thinking performance reviews, consider that there are naturally occurring standards, outcomes, […]

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