Employee Handbooks Provide Ongoing Value

The importance of an Employee Handbook (also called a Polices and Procedures Manual) is often magnified via its ‘absence’ or by being inaccurate or incomplete. That is, an otherwise ordinary workplace issue is compounded because the applicable policy is not clear, not defined, etc. The negative impact on the employer and the employee/work team includes lost time, misunderstandings, and often employee(s) feeling poorly treated. A poorly crafted handbook can also increase the risk of an employer being accused of discrimination in applying workplace policies.

An up-to-date Employee Handbook provides the following ongoing value:

  • Consistent information to employees as to the organization’s policies and workplace behaviors and expectations.
  • A dependable reference for Management and Supervisors as they implement workplace employment policies.
  • Ease in administration of polices in procedures.
  • Fulfillment of employer’s responsibility to communicate current employment policies and procedures to employees.


  • Introduce the Organization – provides an orientation to new employees with an introduction to the organization / organizational structure and its vision or purpose.
  • General Employment Policies – includes equal opportunity, harassment policy, accommodations for disability, alcohol and smoking policies, phone use, getting to work, personal use of equipment, etc.
  • Employee Work Policies – describe procedures for job descriptions, hours of work, overtime, attendance/lateness, probationary periods, etc.
  • Employee Pay Information – details on recording work hours, pay days, workweek, overtime calculations, etc.
  • Leave of Absence – definitions of unpaid leave, sick leave, jury duty, funerals, school events, voting, etc.
  • Employee Discipline – outline disciplinary process, cause for dismissal, conflict resolution.
  • Employee Benefits – health benefits, paid time off, workers compensation insurance, etc.

Employers find the time invested in creating employee handbooks pays off in fewer questions and problems that arise in day-to-day operations and in the confidence employees experience in being treated fairly.

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