Required HR Posters

Employers, even of only one employee, are required to post current employment notices and distribute certain pamphlets. HR Posters must be displayed in a business location where employees can easily see it and read it. You will need both English and Spanish language documents if you have Spanish-speaking employees.

The Five Required Pamphlets are:

Where to Find HR Posters and Pamphlets*
Recommendation: California Chamber of Commerce has an online store that sells a “Required Federal, State Notices Kit” and San Francisco posters that provide a cost/time efficient solution to this requirement. Website:

*Individual posters can be downloaded from Government websites for no charge, but it is a more time consuming approach.
CA State:
San Francisco City:

In addition, you must separately post the most recent Wage Order specific to your industry. Recommendation: The California Chamber website Wage Order Wizard, no cost:

Select your industry and answer the questions, it will take you to the correct Wage Order.pdf file for posting.


Please contact me with any questions you have about postings state, federal, or city required employment notices.

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