Human Resources Services ‘A la Carte’

If you have 50 employees or less, a dedicated HR function is a luxury. Even so, you still need a “top notch” HR system in order to attract and retain good employees and manage risk.

Human Resources Services

Here is a partial list of how I can help you advance your Human Resource goals.

  • Personnel Policy Handbook
  • Management Coaching
  • Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Record Keeping and Documentation
  • Assist You to Establish your Recruiting/Hiring/Orientation Practices

How I can Help You Hire the Best Employees
Employee Screening Services

Services Include:

  • Job descriptions – development or review
  • Recruiting both through traditional job postings and network of candidates that you provide
  • Telephone Screening of employee candidates
  • Rating of candidates against criteria specific to the position

When Qualified Candidates meet with you, the potential employer, I provide:

  • Targeted interview questions
  • Reference checks
Please Contact me for a copy of my Free HR Self Audit Checklist or if you would like to learn more about how I can help your business be successful!
I also offer a free initial phone consultation up to 30 minutes!

Human Resources Consulting Services for Small Businesses in San Francisco, CA and across the US.
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